The 8 Best Rewriting Tools for SEO and Marketers

Nowadays, writing unique content is a fairly difficult task. There are a lot of websites on the internet, and a lot of them get regularly updated with new content. Due to this, there is a lot of material that your write-ups can match with, which can result in accidental plagiarism.

In such a case, many writers look for the best rewriting tool to make their work unique. It is hard to choose a reliable tool because there are so many of them available on the internet.

If you can’t find the right tool for yourself, don’t worry. In this post, we’ve enlisted some decent ones that you can use easily.


1.     Article Rewriter by

Prepostseo is also a reliable free rewriting tool that you can use in 2022. It has a total of four different modes, three of which are available for free.

Like the other tools in this list, you don’t have to sign up in order to use it and there are no word limits that you have to worry about.

How this tool is better than others?

·       This tool allows all free users to access its three working modes. 

·       You can upload a document from G-drive or local disk as well as paste the text directly. 

·       It enables you to protect subject-specific words if you want to.

·       It allows you to rewrite the text in 14 languages other than English. 


·       You may get distracted from work because of advertisements displayed by this tool. 


2.     Article Rewriter by

Editpad article rewriter is also a feature-rich free tool that you can use for your rewriting needs. It can be used even by unregistered users and it also doesn’t have an input limit.

You can use this tool to rewrite your text with a single click on the given button. It is pretty simple to use this tool because all you have to do is insert the text and click on the button to get the rewritten text on the same computer’s window. Oh, and yes. You also have to complete the captcha.

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       This rewriter allows you to insert text by uploading from your device or pasting directly. 

·       It enables you to use different integrated tools to perform multiple checks on the rewritten text. 

·       You will get a clear display with all replaced words in bold format. 

·       This rewriting tool allows everyone to access all three working modes. 


·       There are a lot of ads around the interface.  

·       You won’t be able to edit rewritten text manually. 


3.     Article Rewriter by

Rephrase can be a good tool to go for rewriting. If you are looking to rewrite your content while improving your vocabulary to you consider this tool.

When this tool provides the rewritten content, you can click on the bold words to see what the original word was as well as some alternative suggestions. You can also enter a synonym of your own choice in the space provided below.

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       This tool has an AI-based algorithm that enables it to choose suitable synonyms for the words in the text. 

·       You can get more suggested words by clicking on the highlighted words from the rewritten text. 

·       It allows you to rewrite the text in three different languages.

·       You can rewrite as many words as you want even when you are a free user. 


·       You can access only “Word Changer” mode as a free user. 

·       The pricing plan is a little bit higher than the normal plans of different tools. 



Articlerewriter is an outstanding rewriting tool that you can use for free. It can be used even without signing up, and there are no limitations that you have to worry about removing by buying a paid plan or anything.

On top of the free accessibility, this tool also has a very user-friendly interface. You can simply enter your content, select your mode and then start the process.

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       This tool has three working modes for different types of writing.

·       It enables you to remove plagiarism using a specific mode.

·       This AI rewriting tool supports more than 10 languages.

·       You will get a side-by-side display of your new and original content.

·       This tool doesn’t ask for registration. 


·       You have to rely on its rewriting as it doesn’t enable you to reword any section manually. 


5.     Article Rewriter by

Useotools can be a considerable choice for some people because this rewriting tool come with a lot of fancy features, there can be others who may prefer a simple and no-frills tool instead. If you are in the latter category, this tool can be great for you. 

You can use this tool without choosing any mode or clicking on any complicated buttons. It allows you to insert text and click on the button to get new text in another box. It’s that simple.

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       It has a user-friendly interface that enables everyone to use this tool. 

·       This tool has a fast algorithm to reword your text. 

·       You can use this tool without distraction since there are no ads. 

·       It can be used without logging in to any specific account. 

·       It allows you to rewrite as many words as you want in a single turn. 


·       You will not get a clear display of new text. 

·       It will not show a side-by-side preview of the original and rewritten text. 

·       No downloading button is available with this tool. 


6.     Article Rewriter by

Seowagon should be used when it comes to learning the rewriting process. This platform offers a tool that enables you to follow different steps for rewriting. 

It allows you to keep an eye on the process to learn how you can reword the text manually. It will be easy and simple to learn this technique with such an efficient tool. 

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       It allows you to learn along with completing your task. 

·       This tool shows a step-by-step rewriting process. 

·       You will get a separate step to make changes manually. 

·       This tool shows a clear display of both text types in a vertical arrangement. 


·       The tool takes a lot of time for processing. 

·       You have to be familiar with basic rules or have sufficient vocabulary to edit manually. 


7.     Article Rewriter by

Inkforall is another tool in our list for SEO and marketing experts. It is one of the best tools available on the internet for short-form writing types. 

It enables you to reword short descriptions or captions with its AI-based algorithm. Due to AI technology, it will replace the best-fit words with original terms. 

How This Tool is Better Than Others

·       This tool has a one-click working method. 

·       It can be used by any person…even by a layman in this industry. 

·       You can get AI-written descriptions for any purpose.


·       You must have to be a registered user to use this tool. 

·       It allows you to rewrite 200 characters in a single turn. 

·       You will neither get a clear display nor a side-by-side preview. 


8.     Article Rewriter by

Seomagnifier has a similar interface to a rewriter offered by SEO Wagon. It enables you to learn the technique with the same procedure as mentioned above. 

In simple words, it works in a step-by-step manner that allows you to understand this process. You only have to insert your text, click on the button, and follow the tool’s process. By learning new suggested words in the third step, you can learn multiple terms or words for the same activity. 

How This Tool Is Better Than Others

·       This tool has a faster algorithm than others.

·       You will get a preview of the text in different color formats. 

·       It allows you to choose words from the suggested synonyms. 

·       You can also learn new words by using this tool smartly. 


·       The tool will not give you a side-by-side preview. 

·       It is hard to compare the original text with the new one. 

·       You have to register your account for using it multiple times. 


Final Words 

In the above guide, we have discussed the 10 best rewriting tools for SEO and marketing purposes. You can use any of these tools as all of these have great features. 

We have properly described how these tools are better than others. Now, you have enough knowledge about these tools and can choose the right one for your task. 


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