What is Programming Language

Suraj Das August 17, 2019
Programming is a way of expressing a task through a computer-directed language. Computer programming is some written instruction for w...Read More

What is a Blog and How does it Work?

Suraj Das August 16, 2019
A  blog  was more than a personal diary that people  write  and  share  online  articles  as a hobby. Anyone can talk about their dai...Read More

The Ruby Programming Language

Suraj Das August 15, 2019
Ruby is an open-source object-oriented programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto . The first linguistic version ( 0.95 ) wa...Read More

What is a Mobile Phone?

Shubha Sutradhar August 09, 2019
Mobile means " transferable ". A mobile phone is a phone that you can take and use to create or receive calls anywhere. This...Read More
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