About Us

We created this site in the year of 2018. But, at that time this site does not look like that.

Currently, the site is the 3rd edition (2020) of our first version.

We start using our custom domain blogwaping.com from the year 2018. On this page, we are going to discuss all our blogs.

About Our Blog

Blogwaping is a simple blog to learn about information technology. We provide valuable articles about useful tools, digital marketing, programming, etc.

Site Hosting And Domain

www.blogwaping.com is a high-level global custom domain and we make an agreement with Bigrock.in to use this domain. Visitors can access this domain for free using the internet. Currently our all website data and images and all other types of supported files we store in Blogger free hosting provided by Google.

Our Main Motive

Our main focus is to provide simple and valuable articles about Information Technology into the World.

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