Top Most Popular Search Engines In The World (2024)

Looking for the best search engines in the world in 2024?

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This article will bring you to the table of best search engines.

Could you believe it?

There are more search engines other than Google.

We know Google rules the search engine world, but you have to believe that other options are available also.

Some of these options are really popular in their own right - but their popularity hides behind when compared with Google.

I'm sure you will be surprised by seeing the list.

Let's check out which are in the race!

Top Search Engines

1. Google

Worldwide search engine market share:- 91.43%

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Most people prefer to use Google. 

It's very difficult to comprehend Google's epic size.

It won't be wrong if one says that Google is so popular that it is many times bigger than all of the world's other search engines combined. 

Precisely, in 2022 google holds a whopping 91.43% of the world wide search engine market share. 

Two US businessmen invented Google in 1996. But, in a short period of time they couldn't handle the company. So they decided to sell Google.

 In 1999 they offered Google ownership to an internet company Excite for just $750,000.

But they refuse the deal. Today Google is a Billionaire company.

  • Monthly Visitors  -  87+ billion 
  •  Founded   -  1996
  • Founders  -   Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  • Headquarters  -  California, US and 6 more
  • CEO  -  Sundar Pichaai

Google filters its search results into different tabs such as images, videos, maps & news. 

Google parent company - Alphabet

Google and Alphabet net worth $750+ billion.


  • Developed software solutions such as google drive 
  • Owns YouTube 
  • manufacturers self driving cars
  • Powers other search engines like
  • constantly updating its search engine result page

Fun Fact:- The name 'Google' is derived from the word 'googol' which means hundreds powers to the ten.

 2. Bing

 Search Engine Market Share :- 3.3%

With a market share of 3.3% Bing is considered as the 2nd largest search engine in the world. 

While Bing is small when compared to colossal titan google, but it even maintains a respectable market share in many countries. 

Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft. 

  • Monthly visitors  -  One Billion +
  • Founded  - 2009
  • Owner   -    Microsoft 
  • Headquarters   -   Los Angeles 
  • CEO  -  Satya Nadela

Bing's homepage always features stunning images and news stories. 

In July 2009 Bing cracked a deal with Microsoft and yahoo! that Bing would power Yahoo!.

Even with such small market share bing still receives about 1.3 billion visits per month. 

Features :-

  • Owned by Microsoft 
  • Powers world's 4th largest search engine Yahoo!
  • Higher and sharper quality of image search
  • Free stuff for using bing
  • Bing homepage - Daily inspirational quotes 

So overall we can say that Bing advertising & SEO are quite worth considering. 

 3. Baidu

Worldwide Search Engine Market :-O.91%

Baidu is a Chinese search engine. It holds0.91% market share in the world.

 But being a Chinese search engine it is China's largest search engine. It dominates the Chinese market beating Google's supermacy.

  • Visitors   -  218 Million daily
  • Founded  - 2000
  • Owner & CEO  -  Robin Lee
  • Headquarter   -  Beijing 

Google being a western search engine must comply with strict & complex censorship laws & regulations imposed by the Chinese government. 

Features :-

  • Called China's Google. 
  • Manufacturers anti-virus software and internet TV
  • Publishes only local news & censorship 
  • 76.9% of Internet users in China use baidu  to search a keyword  

Fun Fact :- Baidu is referred to as "The Great Firewall of China."

 4. Yahoo !

World wide search engine market share :- 1.33%

In the list of the world's largest search engines Yahoo lands in 4th position with a market share of 1.33%.

Yahoo has its email service as Google's Gmail service. 

Yahoo mail & its other web services were fantastic at their own time which helped the company to reach a valuation of $125 billion in 2000.

  • Monthly visitors  -  700 Million 
  • Founded  -   1994
  • Founders  -  Jerry Yang and David Filo
  • Headquarters  -  California (USA)
  • Owner  -  Apollo Global
  • CEO  -  Guru Gowrappan

After rejecting Google's ownership offer in 1998 for just $1,000,000 things went downhill. 

Today Yahoo's top web services are replaced by Google's web services.

Such as Yahoo! mail lost to Gmail, Yahoo answer lost to Quora and yahoo flicker lost to lnstagram

Features :-

  • Powers by Microsoft Bing
  • Search results are similar to Bing. 
  • Provides features of email
  • Linkdomain - an undocumented yahoo web search .

Fun fact :- Yahoo means - "Yet another hierarchical organized oracle.

5. Yandex 

World wide search engine market share :- 1.49%

Yandex occupies the 5th position in the list of top Search engines.  

Being a Russian search engine it is highly popular in Russia. 60% of total Russian search results comes from Yandex, closely beating Google. 

Also popular in other mid- asian countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Turkey. 

Yandex provides more than 70 different web services to its users including tools such as Yandex disk very similar to google drive based on storage services

  • Monthly visitors  -  11.5 Million 
  • Owner  -  Arkady Volozh
  • Founded  -  2000
  • Headquarter  -  Moscow 
  • CEO  -  Arkady Voloz

The popularity of yandex in Russia has a key advantage that it can understand the Russian language very well.

 Even it understand Russian inflections in search queries which is fantastic!


  • Known as Russian Google 
  • Understand Russian language very well
  • It's business empire covers taxi services, e-commerce, fast-food delivery, online education and many more. 
  • Provides 70+ web services 

After the Russian-Ukraine war Google was banned in Russia so chances of using Yandex in place of google is increasing. 

So, at this point in time Yandex may have covered 90% of Russian Internet users to find queries on their website. 

 6. ASK

Worldwide Search Engine Market Share :- 0.42%

Ask is basically based on question - answer format. Here most of the questions are answered by other users.

It also has the general search functionality but the results are poor in quality. 

At the beginning it was named as Jeeves Ask, chosen from the P.G. warehouse's character, but in 2006 they changed the name & rebranded the company to ""

  • Monthly visitors  -  44.2 Million 
  • Founded  -  1996
  • Founder  - Garrett Gruener & Warthen 
  • Headquarter  -  New York (USA)
  • CEO  -  Douglas Leeds

In 2010, gave up on the search engine market after facing such competition from google & bing.

Today it is Powered by google.

7. Duckduckgo 

Worldwide search engine market share:-0.6%

Being the 7th largest search engine in the global market, it holds 0.6% of search market share. 

It is believed that they don't have their own data but they depend on other sources (like bing, yahoo, yelp…etc.)

Other search engines runs a set of algorithm to determine the best results, whereas it has no such set of algorithm to provide answers to users' searches.

  • Monthly visitors  -  80 Million
  • Founded  -  29 Feb. 2008
  • Headquarter  - USA
  • CEO  - Grabiel Wenberg

Duckduckgo has a huge positive part to attract the search users that it doesn't track their customers.


  • It has a clean interface 
  • Isn't loaded with full of ads
  • don't track their users 

8. Naver

Worldwide search engine market :-0.13%

It is the 8th most successful search engine in the world with 0.13% market share. 

This search engine holds 75% of the market share in South Korea.

In 1999 Naver became the first web search engine developer in South Korea. 

  • Monthly visitors  -  700 Million 
  • Founded  -  June 2, 1999
  • Owner  -  Hae-Jin Lee
  • Headquarter  -  Seongnam (South Korea) 
  • CEO -  Choi Soo Yeon

Since this search engine is only popular in South Korea, there are very poor chances of growing this as a global search engine. 


  • Called as South Korea's Google. 
  • provides a multitude of services like email client, encyclopedia, children's search engine and news web portal.
  • First South Korean search engine.
  • Often used as a search engine in South Korea.

9. AOL Search 

Worldwide search engine market :-0.06%

What if today AOL is at 9th position in the search engine market, but everyone knows it was the world's first search engine. 

Since it was the first search engine in the world, it was at the top in 1990's.

It was known as netfind then it was renamed as AOL search in 1999.

  • Monthly visitors  -  181.4 Million
  • Founded - 1983(control video corporation) 
  • Owner  - Verizon
  • Headquarter -  New York, USA
  • CEO  -  Tim Armstrong 

But after the rise of Google as the best search engine in the world, AOL lost its dominance in this search world. 

After losing its dominance, AOL turned its attention to buying online companies.

In 2010, it bought tech crunch for $25 million, Huffington post for $315 million in 2011 & many more internet companies. 


  • Provides dials service, web portal, email and instant messaging. 
  • buys trad. media icon Time Warner for $165 billion. 
  • First web search engine in the world 
  • now powered by Verizon communication

In 2015, AOL was bought by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion. 

Now AOL Search users need more. 

Fun Fact:- AOL stands for - ("American Online").

Conclusion -

After reading this article you must have no doubt about why Google rules this internet search world.

It seems likely that this list of top Search engines in the world will change soon. 

But, one thing is likely that Google will have a long and successful reign.

Hey! Tell me one thing, If you are a true Google user then would you like to use any other alternative search engine? 

If yes then comment the name of the search engine in the comment box.

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