Free Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Content Quality through AI

Free Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Content Quality through AI

Artificial intelligence has dramatically improved in recent years. Content generated through an AI tool looks very similar to a human writer. Even many professional writers use AI writers to assist them when writing content. 

Many webmasters and bloggers greatly rely on AI to generate unique and compelling content without much effort. Most professionals do not rely entirely on AI-based tools and instead use them to improve the quality of their content. 

There are many AI-based tools that you will find online, and one of the most used ones is the AI paraphrasing tool. Paraphrasing tools are online software that can help you rewrite your content for various reasons. 

In this post, we will discuss what paraphrasing tools are and why you should use them. 

AI Paraphrasing Tools; Brief Overview

Paraphrasing means presenting existing ideas or work in your own words and ways. Many people use paraphrasing techniques to improve the quality of their content, write a copy on a topic they do not know much about, remove plagiarism from the text, learn new words and so on. 

Manually paraphrasing takes a lot of time; if you are a writer, you will relate to it. You need to have good grip on sentence formation, have a wide range of words in your vocabulary and good practice on how to rewrite sentences. However, the best way to paraphrase your content is to get help from an automated AI paraphrasing tool. 

Paraphrasing tools take in the text as input, scan, analyze the text, find the meaning of the text, and make several changes in the text while retaining the original idea. It detects and changes words with relative synonyms that don’t affect readability, initiates structural changes like changing active voice sentences to passive voice and vice versa, and other changes to make the text unique, original, and look like a human writer writes it. 

However, bear in mind that only some paraphrasing tools you would see online works like this, and most of them just change words with synonyms to make it unique but destroys the quality of the content. 

You need to look for reputable paraphrase tool but as aforementioned, most of the tools claims to be effective but they aren’t. Be aware of clickbait tools. 

However, to help you, we have tested many different mainstream tools and checked the authenticity and concluded three tools that genuinely offer value through their results. 

What to look for in a paraphrasing tool before choosing?

However, we have concluded three of the top paraphrasing tools available but it is important to understand what aspects of a paraphrasing tool makes it worth using. Having an idea about this will help you choose the best tool whenever you are in need. 

As there are many tools available and one can easily get overwhelmed when they have to choose a tool when an array of options are available. Here are some of the features you need to look for: 

  • Is the paraphrasing tool free, paratially free or premium only: First thing first, there are hundreds of tools available that can effectively paraphrase any text, so why you should pay for this service to any origanisation when you can use it for free. Also, it is important to understand that tools that are partially free may offer certain paraphrasing techniques that are complex and can be helpful in certain situations like thesis writing where you can not allow much errors. Also, see if the website is requiring you to provide unnecessary information like register an account, sign-up and so on. You do not have to provide your personal information in such tools and use it for free and for unlimited times.

  • See if the tool offers good results: The results are uttlery important, even if it is free and offers a sleek UI and everything is good but if the tool is not offering good results, you should skip it. The tool should be able to bring clarity in the text, improve the overall flow, readability and should be able to remove certain traces of plagiarism that are present in the text. Also, bear in mind, these tools are built with AI technology which improves with every query, so some tools may generate bad results the first time but it may get you the right results when you regenerate the same text. 

  • See if the tool is easy to use or not: There are many paraphrase tools that are not easy to use and offer a clutter of buttons making it difficult to understand. The below tools we mentioned and discussed are choosen while keeping the ease of use in mind. 

Apart from the fact that these tools are great resources when it comes to writing but one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never rely on technology to get your work done completely without your or any human involvement. There are certain cons of writing content through paraphrasing or any other writing tool and many errors a tool may emmit that you can easily resolve if you proofread your content after generating it. 

Now lets jump onto the next section and review top three best paraphrasing tools that can greatly improve your content in seconds. 

The 3 Best Free AI Paraphrasing Tools that Help to Improve Content


If you are looking for a mainstream paraphrasing tool that offers what it promises, look no further. The tool is amazingly efficient and yet offers every service they offer, yet is entirely free. website screenshot

Thousands of users use this tool to fulfill their everyday needs of paraphrasing. The tool has a user-friendly approach and thus offers a sleek user interface which can be used by any user regardless they know such tools or not. 

Best for:

Well, it depends on your needs of paraphrasing. Any person can use it with a need to paraphrase the content. Students can use it to improve their initial drafts, bloggers to update their outdated content, and so on. 

Pricing: The tool’s best feature is that it is available for free. No sign-up or any sort of registration is required. 


Plagiarism fixer is another excellent paraphrasing tool with a similar name but different functionality. This tool has a huge user base that regularly use this tool to improve the quality of text, remove certain traces of plagiarism, increase clarity and much more. website screenshot 

This tool is compatible on any device users have e.g. tablet, PC or any smartphone. All you need is to open their website, paste your text or upload document and hit the button. You will get the results in seconds. 

The tool is powered with AI and is developed using different coding languages allows it to analyze the text and generate results with pace and accuracy. 

Best for: 

It entertains users from different domains; bloggers, students, and webmasters looking for a tool to remove plagiarism from their text while improving their quality.


We have tested this tool, and it charges nothing from the users. You only need to go to their website and rewrite any text you want. Only a limit of 5000 characters is there that you need to abide by. 


Sentence rephraser is another paraphrasing tool you will see online on the top searches when looking for a paraphrase. This tool is mainly popular because of its unique way of rewriting texts. 

This tool has a different approach as compared with other tools available.

It keeps user’s issues and preferences in mind. Many users do not trust paraphrasing tools because some conventional tools just change words with synonyms leading to low readability. website screenshot

Most users spend a lot of time researching and crafting content and when they find duplicate content in their content or want improvements at some points, they want the automated tools to change some portions of their text, not the whole text. 

This tool rephrases sentence by sentence.

When you paste in the content, it will require you to select the sentence that you want to change.

After you hit the rephrase button, it will come up with multiple suggestions against the sentence you can choose from. 

This tool allows you more freedom on how you want the text to be, which ensures more accuracy. 

Best for: 

Anyone can use it, but this tool is the best option for users who want high-end accuracy and more control over how their content should be changed. 


This tool provides value to the users and offers all its services for free, which is another great thing you can consider. 


AI has greatly improved and will improve over time.

Paraphrasing tools with AI technologies are improving to be great writing assistants.

Whether you want to improve your text, change the flow of your content, or remove traces of duplicate content, AI paraphrasers are here to help. 

All the above-discussed tools are tested, and all the information provided is accurate.

You can choose any tool and use it to fulfill any of your rewriting needs.

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