5 Examples of How NLP Paraphraser For Bloggers


Content is the most important of any marketing or business website's success today. Over 60% of marketers focus on creating at least one piece of content each day. Why is that? Because:

·       Competition is high and fierce

·       They are chasing relevancy and visibility

·       Content is necessary to draw organic traffic

·       Original content establishes credibility & expertise

The keywords in that last point are "original content," as it is one of the chief deciding factors in any business's success today. That's why it's imperative to focus on creating something outstanding.

However, that's where the first challenge is, but something an NLP rephrasing tool can help you out with. So, how exactly does it work? What is an NLP paraphraser? Let's dive in and find out:

What Is NLP?

NLP is a branch of computer science, particularly artificial intelligence, which helps convert human languages into the machine. It's an important aspect of ML (machine learning) today, as its present in most of the devices we use today.

A prime example of this would be the keyboard on your mobile phone. You might think, how exactly does it predict what you're going to write next? It uses thorough NLP and ML methods.

NLP is primarily used in paraphrasing tools to convert the original text into machine language, then back into human language again.

Who Should Use NLP Paraphrasers?

Paraphrasing tool online have many implications, and a lot of people from different facets of life can use them. Besides bloggers and businesses, a few groups of people who need such tools include:

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Marketers
  • Businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Professional & academic content writers

As you can see, paraphrasing has different implications for people in various aspects. However, anyone who writes content for blogs needs to use it.

Since we'll be talking about examples in a while, a few common benefits include bulk content creation, fixing existing content, and avoiding plagiarism. And all of these are important for bloggers today.

How to Pick an NLP Paraphrasing Tool?

Picking an NLP paraphrasing tool is a straightforward affair. Most paraphrasing tools rely on NLP today, so you don't necessarily need to look for "NLP Paraphrasers" on google. However, you should ensure a few things, such as:

·       Extensive free usage, if any

·       Usage without sign-up—preferably no credit card info required

·       Paraphrasing prowess – including content tone options

·       Ability to remove plagiarism and duplicity

Creating optimized content requires you to ensure originality. Therefore, that last aspect is of top-most priority. If a content paraphraser rewrites it enough to remove plagiarism, then that's the one you should pick.

5 Examples of NLP Paraphraser Making Content More Optimized

Making content more optimized is about ensuring a few things. Some of them include:

·       Better readability

·       A smooth flow

·       Plagiarism-free nature

·       Unique headlines and topics

Therefore, you need the assistance of AI-based tools to achieve all these without any hassle. That's when the NLP paraphraser steps in and helps you out. So, let's explore five such examples:

1.    Improving Content Integrity

Content's integrity is about how well it's delivered and how it pushes specific narrative towards the reader. When you write content for your blog or website, you can use pretty words, but if their fluency isn't on par, then your content's integrity will be compromised.

Here's our first example of how an NLP-based paraphraser helps us:

As you can notice here, the content has changed slightly from its earlier form. The tool hasn't changed much, but it has changed only the necessary words to improve the integrity. Moreover, notice how we have used the "Fluency" option to ensure better integrity.

2.    Refining the Content's Flow

Your content's flow depends on the type of words you use. Sometimes, even the slightest changes in content tone can hinder the overall flow of content. That's yet another content element that a paraphrasing tool can fix.

Since NLP understands common language elements, it knows just how to revamp content for better flow. Here's the example:

The initial content wasn't bad either. However, it wasn't as optimized as you would hope for it to be. On the other side, the content revamped/changed by an online paraphrasing tool helps you to understand just how important it is to use the right words.

3.    Removing Plagiarism & Ensuring Originality

Plagiarism is something that haunts writers everywhere. Whether it's accidental or intentional, removing plagiarism is the responsibility of a writer. So, here's what they don't wish to see:

This content is 100% plagiarized. Therefore, can a paraphrasing tool help us fix it? Let's rephrase this content now.

The content rephraser has made enough changes to it. But, will they be enough to avoid plagiarism?

Yes, they will be. As you can see, the plagiarism detector now shows content as 100% unique. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't still cite the original content source. So, make sure you paraphrase and then cite your sources to make more optimized blog content.

4.    Guaranteeing Unique Headlines  

Unique headlines are a pillar of great content. Here's an example of a headline that's common in today's landscape:

"How to Create SEO-Friendly Content without Compromising Quality"

It's not bad, nor is it plagiarized. However, it's not exactly new or unique. Now, a paraphrasing tool can help us out with this as well:

Notice how it has changed just enough to make it work better? This is the work of NLP behind the paraphrasing tool, which realized the elements that needed to change.

5.    Improving Each Sentence

If your sentences aren't well-formed, your content will also be lacklustre. We've seen how paraphrasing tools fix each aspect of blog content throughout this article.

So, when you notice a key recurrence, it's how it changes each sentence. Therefore, it doesn't mean you have to change your entire paragraphs to make your blog more optimized. Using these tools to revitalize a few sentences can do the trick as well.


An NLP-based rephraser can help you out with many aspects of blog writing. All you need to do is focus on your goal and use the tool accordingly.

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