Best Free Barcode Generator Software (2024)

Best Free Barcode Generator

Barcode is a machine-readable representation of numbers and letters, consisting of bars and spaces.

Which is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

It consists of three parts – an illuminator, a sensor and a decoder.

Currently plays a unique role in completing the checkout process.

Any kind of business provides all the information about the product through small scans.

Barcode is a common medium of considering whether something is fake or real.


Remember that there are different types of QR codes that are paid.

But available for free which may be your need.

Some selected topics…

  • The Barcode you choose to promote should be simple and convenient.
  • There should be arrangements for making different quality Barcodes, big and small
  • The selected image of your code creation can be easily downloaded in the format.
  • The code must be compatible with all types of platforms.
Barcode vs QR Code

Barcode Generator Software

As the demand for dynamic Barcodes increases so does the amount of software used to create them.

Which can easily create any kind of Barcode.

Some software is…

1. Adobe Express QR code generator

The process of making QR codes is made simple and quick with the Adobe Express QR code generator!

The Adobe Express QR code generator has an extremely user-friendly UI. All you have to do is select the kind of QR code and what it contains, and the generator will swiftly create your code with the proportions you want.

The best part?

Your created QR code may be easily downloaded in a number of file formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS, giving you flexibility for sharing and using.


This is the simplest way to generate your barcode within a few seconds!

The website interface is very easy to use.

You just select your bar code type and contents of your bar code and then it will generate your barcode according to your height and width.

The good thing?

You can download your generated barcode in multiple file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS.

3. Morovia

Moravia is a popular Barcode creation software.

It extends the code through simple scans.

Software is capable of creating Barcodes at any angle of view.

Morovia communicates the results of all your queries.

And the design of the Barcode is completely at your discretion.

You can also save your preferences from others (CODE 39, UPC-A, EAN8, PDF417, QR CODE) format.

You can use Morovia for free without any files.

4. Barcode TEC-IT

This code generator allows you to create different types of Barcodes of your choice.

It works well in many program languages without any file kit.

Online work has some good features.

BarCode example

The software makes the scanner suitable for use on any smart device.

Even it is able to create codes for different countries.

Do you want to access social media sites?

Then the QR codes will do good work for you.

The software makes it easy to create barcode labels and MAT labels, VDA 4902.

And the cost of the Generator is absolutely free.

5. Great Barcode Generator

Great Barcode Generator is an online image format barcode generator.

Feel free to create quality barcodes with great toolbars.

Which speeds up the promotion of your product.

Great Barcode Generator lets you create barcodes with various images (JPG, BMP, PNG etc) formats.

You can use Excel to import barcodes.

Its QR toolkit lets you create multiple high-quality codes.

Create free barcodes from this software and even can accept some payment plans.

6. Seagull BarTender

Seagull BarTender is a barcode creation software by Seagull Scientist.

This software is beneficial to work with because there is a library in different languages with logos.

Which greatly helps the users in their work.

The printer function of the generator and the graphics clearance is hugely attractive.

Although email-based alerts it’s an important role.

The software helps people create people customize readable barcodes.

7. Labeljoy

Labeljoy is an online free barcode generator.

The best part is that you can create custom barcodes with the QR tool.

Users can even print multiple codes for free to create labels.

Its one provision is to connect to another server.

Create the QR code of your choice and convert it to JPG, PNG, PDF and many more formats.

This free code generator also has some paid aspects.

8. Codesoft

Codesoft is known as a barcode printer as well as an online barcode generator.

Creating new barcodes is one of the best ways to work together in multiple languages.

The software is compatible with any type of advanced printer and external database.

Create multiple barcodes. If necessary, you can enter the security password.

You can tell them the cause of your inconvenience, and they will respond to you in time.

9. Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode is an online barcode generator software.

The generator claims to generate code to view at any angle.

Your general data may link to external data.

Allows you to create QR codes with the toolbar in the section of your choice.

Barcode check digits can be easily scanned by resizing.

Create a barcode by choosing some demo of wasp software free.

10. HandiFox

HandiFox is one of the barcode generator software.

Which is very good for manufacturing format.

Can actively manage all data using a desktop or mobile device.

There are some features…

  • Barcoding
  • Inventory control
  • Sales tracking
  • Customer order and feedback

HandiFox is a great barcode generator for inventory control and sales.

11. Online Barcode Generator

Online Barcode Generator Best for all barcode designs.

It is very popular with the general user.

This generator is possible to create all kinds of web-based small and medium barcodes.

Some features…

  • JPG, PNG, PDF etc format
  • Build different types of barcodes
  • The advantage of viewing at an angle(1d, 2d)

Online Barcode Generator is a free generator that lets you quickly create code.


Here is some barcode generator software that lets you easily create the free code of your choice.

Our details may help you to find the right solution.

Any Doubts or Queries?

Share your thoughts about Barcode in the comment box.

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