Application Development with Adept Mobile (Full Details)

Application Development with Adept Mobile

One Shop Stop for your App Development: Adept Mobile.

Are you also tired of hovering around different set of companies to develop your app?

Adept Mobile is an ultimate stop to remove all your worries.

For over past 10 years, our only focus has been to create apps that deliver on functionality and user experience.

That’s why we are the specialists in native app development for iOS and Android devices and are among Scandinavia’s most experienced app developers.

Adept mobile works with all types of customers from all entrepreneurs to large groups.

With over 10 years of experience and 150+ developed apps, we, as a Norwegian company, are in a class of our own both nationally and internationally.

Our laser focus is on the app development. We help companies to develop smart app-driven systems that streamline operations and make employees’ everyday lives better.

Adept mobile works with all kind of customers- from small entrepreneurs to large groups. From 0 to 300,000 users in record time!

FiskHer started as a good idea among some entrepreneurs from Sorlandet and ended up as the world’s most sophisticated fishing and map app! Using ground breaking technology, the app shows 50,000 + fishing grounds- simultaneously.

No loading. No waiting.

In addition, we have integrated advanced machine learning and machine vision. All development done in house by Adept Mobile.

Official Website:

Who we are and what are our Services?

Adept Mobile is Boston, Massachusetts, United States origin company having its reach across founded in 2010 by Bruce Shimano and Brian Carlisle, both Stanford graduate students started to work with Victor Scheinman at Stanford’s Al. Lab, later founded Adept Mobile.

We deliver everything needed in the ecosystem of an app.

From advanced machine learning to user friendly we backend our system built from the scratch.

We use Google and Apple’s own libraries for the development and that means that we deliver the industry’s best solutions on the world’s best platforms.

Our special areas are Advance Machine learning, Internet of things which means Apps that communicate with smart hardware that makes people’s everyday life better, basically user friendly, Google Firebase which means we have an extensive experience with all aspects of Google’s Firebase, Scalable, robust, secure and fast.

Our design prototypes have incredibly good way to visualize the concept of what customers wants to develop without writing a single line of code.

We have been engaged in a full native app development since 2009 and always been hands on with the goal of building up completely unique competence.

This his has resulted in us delivering services in the entire spectrum within app development. In addition to the apps itself.

Why should you Choose Us?

To provide the solutions and deliver the product on time is our main policy. Our exuberant team is always ready to be there for our customers and provide apps before the deadlines.

We develop advanced support systems that ensures that apps always perform and functions optimally. We quickly understand the tasks and show an extremely good understanding of our customer’s needs.

It is cost-effective!!

When you go out and raise money for your app concept, there is nothing as effective as a beautifully designed and interactive prototype of your app concept.

Our design and set up your design prototype quickly and at a fixed effective price.

As their ultimate goal is to fulfil our customer’s needs and their dreams, as guarantee that you will be satisfied, you can change your prototype as much as you want within the framework of your project.

With the central securities depository we have the rapid prototyping.

We were challenged by Verdipapirsentralen ASA to help them develop a prototype of an app with an overview of important KPI is to get a quick overview of your own portfolio.

In addition, you can dig deep into the numbers and have these visualized with graphs and tables.

Our Customer Base:

We have the best of the best customer base, who relies on us blindly. Telia, Telenor, VISMA, VPS, SpareBank, Leroy, Merck, EWOS are few of our customers to whom we have been associated, and given best of our work.

We have never disappointed and stood with them from designing their app and later on fixing or troubleshooting if there is any issue.

Such competence, support, customer relation can only be provided by leader. Adept Mobile is an appropriate leader who takes an ownership and stand tall for the growth of our customers.

Every customer has brilliant reviews on their website which clearly shows that how profound Adept Mobile is when it comes to our work.

If we summarize whole of this Adept Mobile is the best space to get your dream app to be developed.

From Our tenuity to best developers, and prompt customer support gives your dream to make your app a perfect space to cultivate your business and knowledge base.

We not only understand your needs but also keep the ease to the customers to have a user-friendly interface.

Hence, we make and establish the happy customer cycle between us, you as a customer and the end user.

A team of very well equipped who understands all your needs to make an app that helps you to grow your business and become a successful marketer, and a business leader.

Hence it is the perfect one shop stop to develop an app.

Cost effective, on time delivery, amazing support makes Adept Mobile a reliable firm to venture your business with.

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