What is Programming Language

What is Programming Language

Programming is a way of expressing a task through a computer-directed language. Computer programming is some written instruction for which a computer works.

History of Programming

This code is called source code for how many codes are written to indicate the language of a computer. The programmer who writes the code is called. Entering the input here, the output comes out and this is all indicated by the code.

Not just computers, TVs, mobiles, laptops, things like code are given for which they give the programmer output. Any book is written in a language such as English, Russian, Japanese, Bangla, etc.

Each program is written in a specific programming language, such as CC++, Java, Python, PHP, etc. The programmer has to adhere to the syntax or grammar of that particular programming language when composing the program.

Source code is written in many languages ​​of programming. Their task is to find a specific direction and to fulfill that direction coherently.

We do exactly what the elders indicated when we were young, Just like the computer has some code instructions, the program gives us the output.

Steps of Programming

The steps in programming are just like any troubleshooting steps. The main steps are:

  1. Defining the problem.
  2. Selecting what will be the input and output.
  3. Continuous (step by step) description (writing algorithms).
  4. Flowchart Drawing.
  5. Determining programming language and writing code.
  6. Compile and debug code.
  7. Create documentation.


1. Problem Specific

First of all, you have to specify the problem. Which problem do you want to solve? Specify what kind of input you will give there and how you get output.

2. Reconciliation Analysis

Different solutions to a problem may arise. However, you have to choose which solution is the right one.

3. Program Design 

This is the third step of the program. This is done after choosing a solution. This step involves designing the relationship between the program's input and output.

4. Program Composition

In this step, according to the algorithms and designs, the program is written in the language of the program through the computer's comprehensible language.

5. Program implementation

The next step in coding is to implement the program. It involves examining the program and correcting errors.

6. Program Documentation

How to write the program in this step, what to write the purpose for, how to work, to change in the future Do not, for this, be recorded.

7. Program Maintenance

This is the last step. This step involves reusing the program, innovating in the future, maintaining the program running properly.

Types of Programming Language

From 1945 onwards, the programming languages ​​that have been discovered so far have been divided into five species according to their characteristics.

  • First Generation - Machine Language
  • Second Generation - Assembly Language
  • Third Generation - High-Level Language
  • Fourth Generation - Very High-Level Language
  • Fifth Generation - Natural Language

Programming Language

Mechanical language

The language in which the program is written using only 0 and 1 is called mechanical or machine language. Computer language is a machine language. This is the basic language of the computer.

The computer can directly understand any instruction given in this language as only 0 and 1 are used in this language. It can be directly connected to the computer.

Assembly language

The language in which the program is written using different signals or mnemonics is called assembly language. This signal is called the Symbolic Code or Mnemonic and it is in combination with a maximum of five letters, such as SUB, MUL, ADD, DIV.

High-level language

A high-level language is a language that is understandable to the people and close to the human language. It is very easy for people to understand but the computer does not understand it directly because it has to be converted into machine language with the help of a translator program. It is a third-generation language.

Requirements of Program

Programming is a guided system. Just like everything we do in the direction of something, it is just like that. A computer without programming is obsolete. Otherwise, we would have given one input computer to another output.

We are using a lot of software on our computer, they are all a crop of programming. It is through programming that this software is told what to do. So we can do different things very easily. All of this has been done through programs.

Programming languages are used to make software for computer devices. You can also check the Concepts of manual testing to test or make your software.

The computer is behind making our lives easier. But behind this computer is the program. Without a program, the computer does not work. With the help of computers, it is possible to do many complex calculations in a very short time as a result of programming.

Conclusion of Programming Language


Programming! Looking forward to the programming. It seems that everything in the world is a hindrance to the rules. One of the directors is directing someone in his language and he is doing the work.

TV, computer, mobile can not go alone. It is directed by a particular person to the language through some code. They work as if we were talking directly.

Programming is a very important thing anyway. All the work here is on the code, its language programmed by the instructional code on the computer and the computer works just like that.

For those of you who are studying Computer Science, I would say read it with great care. If you too can be a special person in the future.
Therefore, programming is very useful and useful and without programming, human life is impossible.

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