C++ Language: Basics Guide For Beginners

C++ Language: Basics Guide For Beginners

In this article, I will provide you basic information about C++ Language.

This information will help you to understand the C ++ language easily.

This information will help you to understand this programming language easily.

Especially for beginners, who are new to learn this language.

Let's dive right in.

Introduction Of C++ Language

The C ++ language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980, at Bell Labs, and was originally named "C with Classes".

The C++ language was improved from the C language. Which added facilities based on Object-Oriented Programming.

It was made for writing various purposes.

C ++ is one of the most used programming languages in the world in the 1990s.

Although, a lot of advanced features were added to the C++ language, like operator overloading, exception handling, and templates, etc.

Basic Information About C++

In some scenarios, it can be coded in any way.

Initially, the language was called "C with classes", because it was all the qualities of language with an additional concept of "classes".

However, this language was renamed C ++ in 1983.
Follow the tutorial below to compile and run C ++ on your computer.

Basic C Program "Hello World"

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
/*Basic C++ Program*/
int main()
cout<<"Hello World!";
return 0;


Hello World.

Basic Commands and Explanation of the Program

#include <iostream.h> 

This is a preprocessor command that includes input header file <iostream.h> from the C++ library before compile a c++ program.

using namespace std

This Quote is intuitive in itself, you are “using” the “namespace” and “std” in your program.

We use namespace std so that they can be easy for operation operated in the namespace.

If we did not use the Namespace, we will be written in the std :: cout. It tells the compiler that every cout is actually std :: cout.

/*Basic C++ Program*/ 

You can write anything inside the command “/* */” in any place of the program, this statement will not be considered for compilation and execution.

int main()

This is the main function to execute and begin any C++ program.


It indicates is the beginning of the code.

cout<<"Hello World!";

This cout command prints the Hello World statement as output onto the screen.


This command waits for any input from the keyword then, we can see the output of the program.

return 0;

It shows the exit position of the main program, which basically says "The program works well" in the system.


It indicates is the ending of the code.

Features of the C++ Program

C ++ is one of the most popular languages used primarily with system/application software, client-server applications, driver, and embedded firmware.

The main attraction of C ++ is a collection of predefined classes, which are data types that can be instantiated many times.

The language also provides the declaration facilities of user-defined classes. Classes can adjust the member functions to implement particular features.

You can define a number of objects for a particular class to implement the functions in the class.

The objects can be defined as an instance created at the run time.

These classes can be inherited by the other classes which accept the public and protected features by default.

C++ included different types of operators, for example, arithmetic, bit manipulation, comparison, and logical operators.

The most interesting feature of C++ is that it enables the overloading of specific operators for example addition.

Some of the basic concepts in the C ++ programming language include template, namespace and pointer, polymorphism, virtual, and friend function.

Compile and run C++ Programming

C ++ is fully free and is available easily on all platforms.

There are many compilers and text editors that you can use to run C ++ programming. These can vary from the system to the system.

Run C++ program Online

Run C++ program on Android

Run C++ program on Windows

Run C++ program on Mac OS X

Run C++ program on Linux

Uses of C++ Language

C ++ is used to write applications where are considerable preferences to invest in performance and proper resource usage, while still able to support the distributor and distributing modular development to maintain a proper suit of languages.

  • C++ is used to develop a graphical related application like mobile and computer games.
  • C++ is used to evaluate any kind of mathematical equation.
  • Google also uses C++ for Indexing links of the websites.
  • A few parts of Apple Operating System X are written in the C++ programming language.
  • Internet browser Firefox is written in the C++ language.
  • Some major applications of Adobe systems are developed in C++ language like Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and ImageReady.
  • C++ language is also used for design databases like MySQL.

What do you know about C++ Language?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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You can also check C# vs C++ article for better understanding of the language.

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