11+ Best Free Web Hosting For Students (2024)

Best Free Web Hosting For Students

Looking for perfect free web hosting for learning or testing purposes?

Here, I share the list of the best free web hosting providers for students or beginners in 2024.

The best thing is:

You do not need to pay anything to use their web hosting.

However, these sites provide enough storage and speed to host your website.

Let’s find out which one is best for you.

Best Free Web Hosting For Students

1. Github

GitHub is the most popular software development and hosting platform on the internet.

GitHub Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2008
Max. WebsitesUnmetered
Disk Space500 MB
Bandwidth1 GB/site
Max. Email AccountsN/A
Uptime & SpeedVery Fast

Since June 2018, Microsoft Corporation has acquired Github.

It provides lots of useful features to develop software like version control, collaboration, source code management, and much more.

And the best part is:

It is fully supported with VS Code editor.

So you can manage and update your software code easily from VS Code Editor.

alert-info Github is the best place to host and manage your important software files privately or publicly.

2. Heroku

Heroku is one of the first cloud platforms that has been developed to deploy, manage, and scale modern apps.

Heroku Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2007
Max. WebsitesUnmetered
Disk Space512 MB
Bandwidth2 TB
Max. Email AccountsN/A
Uptime & SpeedVery Good

Launching in June 2007, it supported only the Ruby programming language.

But now it supports Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Scala, Clojure and Go.

So, you don’t need to worry about purchasing web hosting.

All you have to do is create web applications and easily host them here.

After deploying your app, You’ll get a URL of your hosted app from it.

Then, you can easily present or show your apps from anywhere around the world on the internet.

alert-warning However, always keep in mind that this may not be for commercial purposes. Because your free Heroku account has some limitations.

alert-info When you are thinking of launching a web app live on the internet, Heroku will be the ideal choice for you.

3. Netlify

Netlify is a USA-based cloud computing company.

Netlify Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2014
Max. WebsitesUnlimited
Disk SpaceUnmetered
Bandwidth100 GB/month
Max. Email AccountsN/A
Uptime & SpeedVery Good

Like Heroku, it also provides web hosting and serverless backend services for web applications.

But, it has some more useful features that a developer needs to develop applications more easily.

The unique thing is:

It provides some useful plugins that no other gives you such as Gatsby Cache, Image Optim, A11y, Minify HTML and much more.

alert-info For professional or learning purposes, Netlify is a great option to host your apps within a few minutes.

4. GoogieHost

Since 2012, GoogieHost has been hosting websites for 200K + users around the world.

Googiehost Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2012
Max. Websites1
Disk Space1000 MB
Bandwidth100 GB
Max. Email Accounts2
Uptime & SpeedVery Good

It provides free Apache LiteSpeed web hosting services for everyone across the web.

After creating an account on their website, you need to wait around 24 to 48 hours for their response to activate your free hosting account.

It provides a simple and clean client area to manage accounts.

You can easily install WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, PhpBB, and many more free open-source scripts to build your website within a few minutes.

Don’t worry, you can also manage your hosting from DirectAdmin control panel.

alert-info GoogieHost is a great way to start a single website for free.

5. 000webhost

000webhost is a free web hosting partner company by Hostinger.

000Webhost Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2007
Max. Websites1
Disk Space300 MB
Bandwidth3 GB
Max. Email AccountsN/A
Uptime & SpeedGood

When you search for free web hosting in search engines, you will see this 000webhost name at the top of the list.

They claim that they are hosting 2 million+ free websites worldwide.

For free hosting, you simply need to create an account here.

It provides enough basic features to host websites easily.

alert-warning But the main annoying thing is that they provide footer credit to your website.

alert-info However, it is OK to use 000webhost for learning and testing purposes.

6. 50webs

50Webs is a UK-based web hosting company which is owned by LiquidNet Ltd.

50Webs Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2004
Max. Websites10
Disk Space500 MB
Bandwidth5 GB
Max. Email Accounts100
Uptime & SpeedVery Good
SupportTutorials & Documentation

What’s make it different?

It provides a great user-friendly file manager to manage your disk space easily.

And you can park unlimited domain names on your hosting account.

They will provide free web hosting for 12 months.

Hey, do not need to worry!

After that, you can renew your hosting plan for the next 12 months at no cost.

alert-warning It does not host-specific types of domain names where these domain extensions include .men, .party, .click, .link, .work, .gdn, .trade.

alert-info No doubt, 50webs can be a great choice for new startups.

7. FreeHostingNoAds

FreeHostingNoAds.net has been providing free web hosting services all over the world since 2010.

Freehostingnoads Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2009
Max. Websites1
Disk Space1 GB
Bandwidth5 GB
Max. Email Accounts1
Uptime & SpeedVery Good
SupportTickets, Live Chat

Their goal is to provide you with free top-quality web hosting for personal websites, forums, blogs, and small business websites.

It also provides free subdomains, so you do not need to buy any domain name to get started.

The cool thing is it’s amazing control Panel.

It will show you all the details about your account, disk space, hosting statistics, tools and much more.

So, you can easily manage your account and websites.

Noted that they will give free 30 MB MySQL database storage.

alert-info FreeHostingNoAds can be a good choice to learn and test your website.

8. Accuwebhosting

For more than 18 years, Accuwebhosting has been the oldest but most trusted web hosting provider.

Accuwebhosting Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2003
Max. Websites1
Disk Space2 GB
Bandwidth30 GB
Max. Email Accounts25
Uptime & SpeedGood
SupportTicket Support

They claimed to give almost 99.99% server uptime on free hosting also.

The best part?

It provides amazing features that no other free web hosting provider will give you like CloudLinux, xVarnish, Redis, etc.

They further claim that they will never compromise with the quality of service, even with free hosting accounts.

So they provide a fully optimized WordPress account with pure SSD storage.

alert-warning However, their free hosting services are not available in India now.

alert-info Accuwebhosting is an amazing free hosting for starting your new website on the internet.

9. Hostpoco

HostPoco also offers a great opportunity for beginners and small business owners to host websites with their free web hosting.

Hostpoco Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2018
Max. Websites1
Disk Space200 MB
Bandwidth200 MB
Max. Email Accounts2
Uptime & SpeedGood
SupportTier 1 Technical Support

They guarantee that your data will be safe and there will be no chance of losing data from such upgrades.

Their pro plans are also very cheap compared to other hosting providers.

Point to be noted that the free hosting package is limited with the quantity of 1 per account.

And you need to send an email with proof that you are writing a review about their hosting services in Hostadvice.

After they check your review, they will manually approve your free hosting account.

alert-info Overall the Hostpoco is little bit good web hosting provider for students.

10. Ultifreehosting

Like Ultifreehosting, Profreehost provides the same features and services.

Ultifreehosting Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2012
Max. Websites1
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Max. Email AccountsN/A
Uptime & SpeedGood

It provides you vista control panel which looks like almost cPanel.

The good thing is, they let you create multiple control panels within the same account.

Here, you will find almost everything which is provided by other premium cPanel.

And you can add unlimited addon domains into your account.

alert-info For learners, Ultifreehosting is a great free place to start your website hosting journey.

11. Profreehost

Like Ultifreehosting, Profreehost provides the same features and services.

Profreehost Website Home Page Screenshot
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Established Year2016
Max. WebsitesUnmetered
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Max. Email AccountsUnmetered
Uptime & SpeedGood
SupportForum, Ticket

Here, you’ll find instant activation of your free web hosting account with the Vista panel.

And they also claimed to give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth!

However, it does have some limitations on your free hosted account, such as limited inode usage and traffic.

alert-info For professional unlimited free web hosting with features, you should use Profreehost.


Whether you are a student or a teacher, they always welcome you to use their web hosting services for free.

However, you must remember that they will not guarantee that your stored data is safe and secure.

You can also check out the best free web hosting for starting professional career.

If you host your website for business or commercial purposes, you should use best premium web hosting providers.

Now, I want to know from you.

Which hosting provider is best in your opinion?

Or, maybe I missed your favourite one?

Leave a quick comment right now.

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