Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Better?

Laptop vs Desktop

In this article, I compare the difference between Laptop vs Desktop. 

Desktop and Laptop are both very important things in our present life.

Once upon a time, they needed a huge house to keep them.

But with the change of ages, it is now in our hands.

Let's compare.

Laptop vs Desktop

A "desktop computer" is a personal computer that is computer that can be used in one place for everyday work.

Because of its size and electrical power requirements, it's the exact opposite of a laptop computer.

A desktop computer usually has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and box.

The box is generally shaped like a steep tower upward but horizontal.

Some are smaller in size. Currently, all the components of the monitor and the PC are available in a single box on all such computers.

There are regarded as desktops, especially when they require external electrical connections and a separate keyboard, mouse, to operate them.

Laptop computers, on the other hand, look like suitcases. It is light, flexible, carrying.

Desktops have separate keyboards and mouse, but laptops have mouse and keyboards installed.

It can be done without leaving it awake Even in the bag can be easily carried all over the place.

The keyboard is very hard on the desktop but the laptop keyboard is very soft. So it is gently key pressed.

Laptops are chargeable, So let's run it up to a certain time.

Although the cost of a desktop but the price of a laptop is much higher.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The laptop is a small computer that can be used on a laptop or a coil.

The computer looks like a small briefcase.

When opened as a briefcase, a flat LCD screen is seen on the top of the laptop.

At the bottom are the keyboards, power buttons, and touchpad.

Laptops can be folded.

A laptop computer is a lightweight computer.

Laptops run on the power of a rechargeable battery or AC aviator. 

This computer has multimedia with CDROM / DVD.

Laptop computers have LAN cards attached and all communication ports, including serial, parallel, USB ports. 

The laptop computer also has a 5-pin VGA port where external monitors or multimedia projectors can be added.

As a substitute for a full-size desktop, a user can easily use a laptop everywhere.

It is now possible to run laptops hour after hour to improve battery technology. 

In addition to all the keys on the laptop, the mouse has an optional trackball or touchpad.

laptop images hd

Advantages of Laptop

  • The weight is light and easy to carry.
  •  Without the power directly connected to it, the battery lasts for hours.
  •  Relatively less electricity is consumed.
  •  Less heat is generated on the desktop.
  •  The touchpad can be used instead of a mouse.
  •  There are many benefits to one.
  •  The price is higher than the desktop.

Advantages of Desktop

  • This type of computer is called a desktop computer because it is placed on the desk.
  •  Weight comparisons are basically high and therefore cannot be easily carried.
  •  A comparison basically costs more electricity.
  •  That means if the opposite of laptops is simple, the difficulty is.
  •  However, many parts can be upgraded easily, have longer durability, easy to fix if wasted.

Pros and Cons

In the present time, the most important thing in the information revolution is the computer.

At one time, a whole cell was needed to keep it, but now it has become smaller since our eyes have come into the eyes and ears and nose and mouth now two types of desktops and laptops are selling thousands of computers every day.

Computer buyers have been asked a million bucks to buy a desktop or laptop ???

Once the head of everyone who is going to buy a new computer, I have a question about whether to buy a computer laptop or buy a desktop

Whether you buy a laptop or buy a desktop depends entirely on your work.

First of all, if you want to play games, just throw the laptop away.

You must choose the desktop to play games with good performance and good graphics.

Because comparing the gaming performance of a desktop and a laptop

It is doubly better than the desktop's gaming performance laptop.

desktop images hd

Now if you want to do video editing audio editing or graphics, you must also like a desktop.

On the other hand, if you want to do small tasks such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office.

You can choose a laptop because the laptop is portable and you can take it to your university or college and present the presentation to everyone.  

A laptop is convenient for this.

So you have to use the desktop to do a little heavy work.

Because there's something about the performance.

Then the thing is ventilation.

Laptop hardware is compact at the same time, so its ventilation is very weak.

Because the air inside it can't properly move, On the other hand, the desktop has the advantage of adequate ventilation.

 In terms of price, the desktop is ahead because the price of a desktop is relatively low compared to a single configuration laptop.

 One of the advantages of the desktop is that it is possible to upgrade the desktop whenever you want.

Because the motherboard, processor, and hard disk of the desktop can be changed at any time.


If you need a desktop and computing to do a lot of work in one place, it is wise to choose a laptop if not always in one place.

A desktop is ahead of the laptop in need of creating various computer applications, video editing tasks, and playing high and 3D games. When buying a machine, buyers will choose what they feel comfortable with.

In this case, the computer should be used as a workstation or it should be taken as a companion when going somewhere.

If the last one is, then buying a laptop is good.

The two types of machines can be used on the desk.

But for those who want to enjoy the machine with friends or relatives, the mobile computer will be convenient.  

Not just about usage, there are other things to keep in mind when it comes to performance issues.

In addition to CPU performance, hard drive size, graphics system, and RAM need to be considered.

The faster the processor is, the better it is, but the power of the processor is not everything when it comes to choosing a computer.

However, if only Internet browsing and Microsoft Office programs are used, then what the CPU will look like is not important.

However, video editing needs a lot more RAM.

Much faster and with much capacity will require hard drive storage.

This is the desktop to choose from.

Although games can be played on laptops, it is important to take into account what the graphics are like.

The usual ability of a computer should not be overlooked when buying a computer.

And this is not the case with laptops at all.

A desktop can be used to connect to many components in addition to a monitor, keyboard, mouse.

But on a laptop, the benefits are minimal.


Now, I want to hear from you.

What is your choice: Laptop or Desktop?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment right now!

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