Simple definition of the Internet

What is internet

A global computer network that provides a variety of information and provided communication facilities, including interconnected networks that use standardized communication protocols.
     A method of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world through a dedicated router and server. When two computers are connected via the Internet, they can send and receive various information such as text, graphics, voice, video and computer programs.

The simple definition of the Internet

We see that any computer in the world can connect to any other computer using the public switched telephone network. When the computer uses the TCP/IP protocol and has an IP address assigned by the ISP, it belongs to the Internet (International Computer Network) that is secure.

 When the computer uses the TCP/IP protocol and has an IP address assigned by the ISP, it belongs to the secure Internet.
Internet Connection System

 There are many problems with the internet, one of them is a lack of security. Vandals knew as "hackers" have logged into computers that breaching password security (by exploiting weaknesses in some computer operating systems) and stolen or deleted files.

 It since the number of computers connected to the Internet is rapidly increasing, traffic is very large and the speed of the entire network is slowing down. The power of the Internet is its protocol which has proved to be strong.

Digital Technology Computer Internet Process Flow
Internet Process Flow
Many of the other services available on the Internet are very useful for their protocols FTP, telnet and the World Wide Web. Many organizations have felt that all the computers in their organization can be connected by the private network using the same protocol that is used by the Internet, i.e. TCP / IP. In many large organizations, this will be a wide area network.

Owner of the Internet

No one actually owns the Internet, and no one or organization has complete control over the Internet. The Internet is more of a concept than a real tangible entity that relies on the physical infrastructure that connects the network to other networks.

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